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KAri Me baby carrier awards

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Baby Wrap Carrying Positions


Cuddly [From birth]
Position 1


This position is ideal for moving around while your baby is sleeping or breast-feeding. The Cuddly position will give the young baby womb-like warmth and surrounded feeling he/she requires at these initial stages.

Position Cuddly

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Tummyto Tummy [From birth]
Position 2

When your baby is awake he/she might be happy to alter to this upright position (this can be easily done without having to untie the carrier). Unlike most upright carriers KARI ME does not place stress on the baby's spine because of the extra support given by the carrier's stretchy fabric along the carer and baby's bodies.

Position Tummy

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Side [From sit up]
Position 3

This hip position is great for older babies and toddlers. It mimics the all too common hip carrying but with no sore hand and back!

Position Side

Side 2 [From sit up]
Position 2 2

Another side position for older babies and toddlers.

Position Side 2

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Facing the World[From 4 months]
Position 4

Babies just love to be carried facing out and exploring the world at an eye level. You can carry on with your chores: hanging the washings, pushing a shopping cart, swinging your older child, travelling and much more.

Position Facing

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Back [From sitting up]
Position 5

This position is particularly excellent for long trips with a toddler who is just too tired to walk. Using one shoulder strap to support the head they can even sleep in it!

Position Back


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