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  • The Green Parent

    We recently ran a competition in The Green Parent magazine. Congratulations to Hannah of Yorkshire who chose our burgundy colour that was featured in EastEnders a while ago.  In the summer edition of The Green Parent, the benefits of Babywearing was written about again and there was a great article on Dad's that use baby wraps and slings.  We receive many great comments about Dads using our wraps. In fact recently one Dad was using the wrap a lot more than Mum and people were amazed on how fast he put the sling on and popped baby inside. Look out for our next news post about the tests that we have conducted recently on our Kari-me wraps to make sure they are so safe your little ones.

  • May Offer

    Summer is almost upon us and the warmer weather is coming.  baby wearing is becoming more noticed and recognised.  We are featured in The Green Parent magazine at the moment which is great news for Kari-me.

    The dollar has got stronger and the pound weaker. Prices are increasing everywhere you turn. Food, council tax, electricity and gas, insurances, clothing - almost everything. We understand this and have tried to help by offering a special discount on all our slings for the month of May. Don't miss out on these special prices.  Spend over £40 and the postage is free as well.  All colours are currently in stock.

  • Bundle offer

    Baby wearing is becoming more and more popular and we often receive lovely comments about our famous Kari-me wraps. With winter well and truly upon us we have decided to offer our bundle package (baby sling , hat and leggings) at a very special price until the end of February at only £49.95. This will help keep your baby warm when popping out using your wrap. We are delighted that over the last couple of months a couple of babies have been born to our friends and they have been thrilled to receive and use one of our baby slings.

  • New luxury baby products launched

    It's been a while since we posted any news. We have been working hard to help launch a sister company to sell luxurious quality baby products. Just like Kari-me, everything is made in the UK.  We have popped a few of the items on our website - super soft blankets, revolutionary baby changing mats that can be washed at high temperatures and a couple of other items. Have a browse under "other products"

    Visit www.babygiftmee.com for some great baby gift ideas. Baby bodysuits, hats, mitts and bootees. Blankets, hooded towels, changing mats, fabric gift bags, gift vouchers to be given as presents and finally beautifully personalised embroideries that can be applied to some of the blankets and towels.  Be one of the first to buy from this exciting new UK made range.

    Enjoy the rest of summer and happy baby wearing.

  • Facebook Competition Winner

    As some of you may know, we ran a competition for Mother's Day through Facebook during the first week of March for some lucky person to win a Kari-me wrap.
    Congratulations go to Margaret Williams of Orpington, London who now is the owner of an aqua Kari-me sling. Well done Margaret.
    The daffodils have started bursting through and the temperature is slowly warming up. Soon you will be ready to start going out more. Our wraps are ideal. Hands free. Keep you baby close to you and when you are not using them, simply fold them back up and pop them back into the little bag for storage.
    The grey marl is proving to be very popular at the moment. A lovely colour that both Mum and Dad will be proud to wear.

  • Kari-me wrap seen in Eastenders


    Our new year sale is finishing on Sunday 10th January 2016. We are getting more visits to our website and we think that Mums and Dads are slowly warming to the idea of using  baby wraps for their little ones.

    Any one that watches Eastenders will have seen one of our Kari-me's (burgundy) being used by Stacey Slater in the first week of January. This was very interesting as while all the action was taking place, her little baby boy appeared very peaceful and often asleep. We think that if Eastenders can use a baby wrap for one of their main characters and her little one, then why not everyone.

    We wish everyone a Happy New Year.

  • Autumn around the corner - latest news

    Well, Summer is nearly over already. It has flown by. Congratulations to all young Mums who have had a little one over the last few months. One of the essentials you could possibly buy is one of our British made Kari-me wraps. Keep your baby close to you and your hands free.

    We have seen some terrible scenes on the news recently with all the immigrants arriving into Europe hoping for a better life. Can you imagine arriving with only a few belongings and not knowing were you will be living and what is around the corner. The disturbing scene of a coast guard carrying some ones child was extremely sad. We have decided to help the Mums and Dads arriving with their little babies. We are sending out about 40 Kari-me wraps along with instruction booklets with diagrams showing how they can be used along with some hats and leggings.  We hope it will help with saving health and may be life. We live in such a fantastic country and we often forget how lucky we are.

    If you are thinking of buying a sling, then please support a British made product and look no further than Kari-me

  • Easter offer

    Well, so much to our last blog saying Spring was nearly here and the weather would get warmer. We are still waiting for a little warmth. Hopefully it won't be long.

    We have decided to offer all your little precious babies, one of our baby hats completely free ( Easter bonnet !) when you buy one of our slings up until the Sunday 12th April. Just tell us what colour and size  your would like in the comments box when checking out and we will pop the  hat worth £5.95 completely free in with your sling. Hurry - we only have a limited number of hats available - first come first serve.

    Our baby leggings are proving to be very popular. Just a little different with feet. One or two customers have even come back and ordered again after their first order as they loved them so much.

    Have a great Easter - don't eat too many eggs !

  • Cold ? - but it will soon be Spring - hooray !

    Hello Mums and Dads plus family or friends of our little precious babies and toddlers.

    We launched our new colours and products a few weeks ago. Denim marl and grey baby slings along with the gorgeous little baby hats and baby leggings with feet. You have proved them to be a great success. The denim marl is quite a unique colour for a baby wrap and the denim leggings look like "mini" jeans. Very trendy!

    Spring is just round the corner and what a great time to take your little ones for an outing into the countryside. The best way to carry them is in one of our slings. Kari-me has been established for many years and is sold all round the world. It has a fantastic reputation and is still the forefront in baby wraps being made from cotton with a touch of elastane to help gently caress your baby but relax completely to it's original shape. No stress on your body,

    Don't forget, we offer a great guarantee. Normally we ship within 24 hours and most of the time your sling is sent with UKMail who will usually attempt to deliver your wrap, hat and leggings the following day. Keep checking the website for news, different offers and may be a competition or two to win one of our fabulous baby carriers.


  • Happy new year

    We wish everyone reading our news a happy new year and good luck with your little one or if you are expecting - congratulations. Time flies, so enjoy every moment with your babies and toddlers because before you know it, they are grown up. It doesn't stop you spending on them and still looking after them. They will always be your babies.

    We have exciting news. Our denim marl slings and grey marl slings are now on sale on the website and are proving to be a great success. We are charging a little more for the denim as the yarn which was especially spun for us from different colour fibres is very expensive, but we are sure you will love it and it is quite unique for baby wraps.

    We now have a large stock of baby hats and also baby leggings with feet. These will appear shortly on the website and no doubt we will introduce an offer to encourage you to buy them.

    Don't forget, the kari-me baby sling is an established baby wrap and has been running for many years. It is wider than other wraps at approx 70 cm and you know it is made locally in the UK. We know the fabric is perfect for the sling as it strong and will gently stretch to keep your baby safe and secure, but then the fabric will relax back to it's original shape ready to be used again.

    Have a great year.

    Robin and Julie

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