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Autumn around the corner - latest news

Well, Summer is nearly over already. It has flown by. Congratulations to all young Mums who have had a little one over the last few months. One of the essentials you could possibly buy is one of our British made Kari-me wraps. Keep your baby close to you and your hands free.

We have seen some terrible scenes on the news recently with all the immigrants arriving into Europe hoping for a better life. Can you imagine arriving with only a few belongings and not knowing were you will be living and what is around the corner. The disturbing scene of a coast guard carrying some ones child was extremely sad. We have decided to help the Mums and Dads arriving with their little babies. We are sending out about 40 Kari-me wraps along with instruction booklets with diagrams showing how they can be used along with some hats and leggings.  We hope it will help with saving health and may be life. We live in such a fantastic country and we often forget how lucky we are.

If you are thinking of buying a sling, then please support a British made product and look no further than Kari-me

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