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We LOVE our kari-me, our only regret is that we found you on our fourth( and last!) child. How amazing to have a sling with no sharp plastic clips and that sent our kids to sleep!! Thank you for such a great product. I'm a GP and have been recommending it to all our new mums!!

John and Samantha Patterson

Mr & Mrs Patterson, UK

WOW WOW WOW WOW. I have never been in love with a product like I am with my new Kari-Me sling. It is fabulous. I will be telling everyone with babies that it is a MUST buy. I can't thank you enough ! It is so easy to learn how to use and is not at all difficult to put on or to put a baby in on your own. Best buy ever xxxxxx Zoe Durber

Zoe Durber

Mum of 4 and a foster carer, Stoke-on-Trent

Its amazing, I can not rate it highly enough. When I had number two it was great to have him attached to me whilst playing with child number one? Tracy

Tracy Marshall

Mother of Two, Surrey, UK

I purchased the Kari-me after seeing a mother travelling with her toddler snuggly and securely in the sling on her back! My son had colic and Kari Me enabled me to carry him comfortably in an upright position for the first 3 months of his life. He slept in it and breastfed in it. Without it, I am certain I would not have been able to complete the 2nd year of my degree course - I did everything in the Kari me from studying at the computer to preparing and eating dinner. The fondest memories I have of my son in his first year are of him sleeping in the sling while I went for long walks. I especially loved wrapping a huge winter jacket over the sling and going for long walks in the snow or rain. It is completely hands-free and secure, and myself and my husband used to fight over who do the carrying! This was my 3rd sling, having tried the leading brand which caused back pain after about hour or two, I was looking for another solution. With Kari Me I never used to get back pain, even after 3 or more hours of walking when he was 1 year old. I am expecting number two and can't wait to feel that feeling again. I would highly recommend this to any Mom or Dad.

Jane Potgieter


I bought a Kari-Me sling for my second daughter, after never finding one I could use with my first. I am only 4'11'' and no other sling I tried would adjust small enough for me to use in the correct position, I tried Kari-Me because this is just not an issue, it is just one piece of fabric and therefore fits everybody. I was so glad my reasoning was proved right and as a bonus they are much more comfortable to wear than any other I've tried also. My third child is due at the end of October and there will be no more trial and error for me, it's straight back into my Kari-Me sling. Love it!!

Louise Burnyeat

Mother of two, soon to be three, Northumberland

I used your sling with my first son and found it a God-send. He would settle and fall asleep in it when all else failed. Foolishly, when my second son arrived I bought into a different brand of pre-tied carrier thinking that it would be quicker to use. Bizarrely, it was way more fiddly and far less comfortable. I wish I had stuck with the Kari-me, I feel quite nostalgic about the lovely hours spent so close to my son and wish I had done the same with the little one! Learn from my experience - this is the best sling you can buy! Rachel

Rachel Luckett

Busy mother of 2 boys aged 3 and 8 months, Oxford

Kari me was a god send, it was fantastic to have my baby that close without much effort from me, it was fantastic. I had what I call the uncomfortable carriers with my other children and to be honest hardly used them. Now Kari me is available I cannot understand why anyone would buy the other type. I especially loved the Kari me when I went to places that were not pushchair friendly, the empowerment I felt being able to concentrate on my other children at school was great I used to always say I was on hands free mode I even decorated once with my baby with me. Thanks Kari me for making motherhood that little bit easier

Elizabeth Bailey

Mummy to Thomas, Harrison and William, UK

Thank God for Kari-me! I am african and we have the baby carrying culture. However, we carry babies on our back from birth and I was not 'bold' enough to do this as he seems very small. However, the Kari-Me is a better and safer way of carrying babies compared to how its done back home. My baby is 7 weeks old and the first four weeks was 'hell' I was always tired from carrying him around in my arms, sometimes I am not able to eat or even have my bath! But since purchasing the kari-me, it has been so easy. I can now move around and with him blissfully asleep. He has become a much happier baby too, the smile on his face when he wakes up is priceless. Also, he sleeps better at night too, when obviously he will be in his cot. Wish I had found out about this from day one. Thank you

Adenike Adeniran

A first time mother, London

I hired out your sling from the Oxford sling meet. Having a premature baby who was very colicky meant that I used it all day every day. I returned it to the library to try out another sling, it was awful by comparison, so I borrowed two from a friend, both were uncomfortable and within 12 hours I had ordered a Kari me of my own. I could not do without it. Superbly comfortably, and I quite like how it looks, especially the aqua. Wore it to a wedding and my mother, who does need glasses, commented on my nice new top! Baby loves it, so do we. Use it every day to get baby to sleep. Could not cope without it, especially with a house to run and a toddler to look after. Thank you

Mary Watson

Mary Watson, Mother of two, Oxford, UK

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