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With so many baby wraps now on the market, why should you choose a Kari-me? Some wraps do not state they have been tested. Some say simply they have been tested - but what for? Others say they have been tested to Oeko Tek.  Oeko Tek is a standard  that yarns and dyeing should be tested for all baby and childrens wear and fabrics. Quite a few brands are imported from the Far East. There are some very good wraps on the market and the  best wraps have been tested to make sure they are safe. The correct standard to test baby wraps is PD CEN-TR 16512-2015 a British and European standard.  To our knowledge, only a few baby wrap brands have been tested to this standard.  Kari-me wraps have been extensively tested to ensure they are safe for your baby.

They have been tested to PD CEN-TR 16512-2015

First we ensure that the yarns plus dyeing and finishing meet the Oeko Tek standard 100.  This means that both the yarn and the dyeing do not contain any harmful substances or banned dyestuffs and therefore are completely safe for your baby. 

We have also had numerous tests carried out by Intertek, a global indpendent testing company on every aspect.

1) The fabric has been checked that there is no migration of metal emelents. The Kari-me badges and even the sewing threads have also been tested for this.

2) There is no formaldahyde in the fabric and again the badges and sewing threads have also been tested.

3) The Kari-me sling meets the standard for flamability.

4) One of our wraps has been put on dummy torso and a 15 kg sand bag has been placed in the wrap to represent a baby ( the maximum weight we advise for a child) This was oscilated at 2 cycles per second for 40,000 cycles (that's over 5 and a half hours) and no deteriation of the wrap was seen after inspection.

5) Care labels and warning labels are sewn into every Kari-me from 5th September 2017 that again adhere to the standard

6) Our instruction booklet complies with the standard and we also supply a separate instruction card with extra advice which also meets the standard

7) Even our poly bags that we send out Kari-me's in, have been checked and approved to the standard

Your baby is the most precious thing in your life and we want to make sure your baby is safe in one of our wraps.

Kari-me has been trading for many years and is recognised as one of the best wraps on the market.



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