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Our Baby Carrier

Why is the Kari Me Baby Carrier so comfortable?

For the parent:

The Kari-Me wrap is based on a unique harnessing system - it increases the surface area on which the baby's weight is distributed. This relieves pressure on your shoulders and back, so you completely avoid the problems experienced with the various upright baby carriers. Even better, by centering more of the baby's weight against your waist, your centre of gravity is lower, which makes carrying your baby more comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

For the baby

Because the fabric is soft and elastic, it gently caresses your baby, giving a womb-like warmth.

Kari Me is adjustable for different babies ages and sizes - it's flexibility and smart wearing method makes it suitable for babies from newborn to 3 years of age (15kg, 33lb). It can also be used for large persons who'd like to carry their baby.

This wrap sling offers best head and back support for newborn babies. Using Kari Me prevents unnecessary pressure on the baby's back and neck: this completely eliminates the risk that your baby will be forced to support her weight on her spine before she's ready. (To learn more about how other upright carriers can affect your child's spine, click here ).

Health professionals who examined the Kari Me sling agreed that it is healthy and safe for both baby and parent. In fact, the Kari Me sling is used in several NHS (National Health Service) hospitals in the UK as part of the treatment for premature babies and unwell newborns. The carrier is also used in Children Centres. Look at our reviews to read what health professionals have been saying about Kari Me baby carrier.


Above all the Baby-Carrier tells children they are loved, safe, secure and cared for!


The Kari Me baby carrier can be worn in four different positions:

Kari Me is supplied with a detailed and illustrated instruction booklet which shows you how to carry your baby in one of the four fantastic positions:


Kari Me position


Cuddly - From birth

Using the baby wrap in this position is ideal for moving around while your baby is sleeping or breast-feeding. The Cuddly position will give the young baby womb-like warmth and the feeling of being surrounded that he/she requires during these initial stages.



kari me tummy to tummy
Tummy to Tummy - From birth

When your baby is awake he/she might be happy to switch to the upright position (easily done without having to untie the carrier). Unlike most upright baby carriers, the Kari Me sling is made of a stretchy fabric that gives extra support to the baby’s spine and along the bodies of both the carer and the baby.



kari me baby faces world


Baby faces the world - From 4 months

Babies just love to be carried facing out and exploring the world at an eye level. When using a Kari Me baby wrap you can continue with your chores, push a shopping cart, swing your older child, travel and much more.

kari me side position


Side position - From sit up

This hip position is great for older babies and toddlers. It mimics the all too common hip carrying - but with no sore hand and back!


Kari Me is so easy to put on?


Kari Me is both Easy and Safe!

The Kari Me sling is NOT complicated or difficult to put on!

You'll receive a full set of carefully illustrated instructions for each of the four carrying positions - this makes wearing your baby in the sling as simple as placing her in a pram. In fact, with just a bit of practice in front of your mirror, you'll be able to put the sling on and have your baby tucked safely inside in just a couple of minutes.

We made sure before producing the Kari Me that it is Safe. Kari Me has been rigorously tested for safety by an independent safety institute and it complies with the European Union Safety Standard for baby carriers. Users must follow our detailed instructions and safety warnings, supplied with the product.

Kari Me is produced in the UK

The manufacturing of the fabric, dye, and the finished Kari Me product are all done by  small businesses in England. Our production supports local industry, ensures high quality, eliminates unnecessary product travel and reduces our impact on the environment.

Kari Me - Light and Beautiful

Kari Me wrap baby carrier comes in 9 colours to choose from, Black, Navy Blue, Denim Marl, Grey Marl Aqua, Burgundy, Lilac, Ochre and Natural (creamy white). It is light and comes in its own little fabric bag, just the size of a piece of A4 paper! You can carry it easily even when not in use.

Award winning baby carrier

Kari Me has won many product testing awards and received many excellent reviews. These are just some of the awards we've won:


"Baby Gear Platinum Award"
baby gear platinum award
 "Baby Gear Gold Award " babygear gold award
 Practical Parenting "Best Buy" practical parenting award  Mumsnet "Best"
mumsnet award

 "Mums Love" and "Best Value" from Babyworld.co.uk

babyworld best value

 Featured on Channel four's programme "bringing up babies".  channel 4 logo


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