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At what age should I start using a sling with my baby?


You can start using a baby sling at any time, with a newborn or even with a child up to age 3. We recommend starting to use the Kari Me early. Baby-wearing with Kari Me baby carrier provides the newborn all the extra warmth and contact they need. Babies who are carried early can enjoy the full benefits of baby carrying. The Kari Me baby carrier is suitable for babies born underweight as well. For premature babies who are still in the hospital please contact our customer care for advice.


Baby Backpacks & Baby Carrier - Prevent Low and Loose Carrying


Try to tie the baby backpack tighter before putting your baby in the carrier. The carrier should be close to your body and not loose. Many parents think they should tie it loose to leave space for the baby. This is a mistake: Kari Me's fabric is very flexible and will create the right space for the baby. The heavier and bigger the baby is, the tighter the backpack should be.


Baby is big, can I still use the Kari-Me Wrap?


Yes of course! the Kari Me is excellent for heavy babies and is recommended for up to 15 kilogrammes. Kari Me has good weight distribution with more weight supported by the waists releasing pressure from the shoulders and back. That means you will be able to carry your baby for long period of times. It's unique design and flexibility allows you to adapt it to the baby's size.


Baby Slings - My older baby cries the first time in sling


Older babies (from few months on) have developed their own opinion already! Some may resist being in the Kari Me sling if you haven't used it before, especially if you haven't used any baby carrier at all. Try to walk around with your baby in the Kari Me, show him interesting objects around or offer him a toy. If your baby is 4 months old or older and has a good head support, try the "facing the world" position. When you are out and about, in the garden, park or shopping, your baby will soon appreciate the benefit of watching the world high up and forget his protest about the "new device". If the protest goes on, take your baby out of the sling and try again another time.


Can I use the Kari Me baby carrier in a hot climate?

Carrying your baby close can feel warm. This is an advantage in the winter but can be tricky in hot climate. In such a case, we recommend both parent and baby to wear light clothing. You may also need to reduce the carrying time. We recommend checking the babies temperature regularly (for example to check if their back of neck is warm and sweaty). You should follow these guidelines when your baby is unwell or has fever.


Can I wash my Kari Me Baby Wrap?

The Kari Me Baby Wrap can be washed by hand or by machine at 30-40c. It is not suitable for tumble dry.


My Baby wakes up when removed from the baby wrap

Babies love to sleep while being carried in the Kari Me wrap. If you can no longer carry your baby (for example you need to cook in front of the oven, or go in the car) you can still remove your baby to his cot/bed/car-seat without waking him up, but this may require some experience and a bit of luck. The trick is to carefully pull off the layers of the carrier while holding the baby and moving a little (rocking) to keep the baby asleep. When all layers are undone, and the baby is out of the wrap, it's best to hug him a little while moving, to keep him feeling warm and close and then put him in bed. If not the change from being in the sling to the cot is big and he might wake up. Another tip that works, is to cuddle or put your warm hand on the baby for a few seconds while he lies in his cot or seat.


Is it easy to put on the Kari Me baby carrier?

Putting on the Kari Me is easier than you think. It takes a few steps and less than one minute to tie the basic knot. Many people remember the instructions after the first go. Others will have to practise with the manual 2-3 times. Some people find it helpful to put on the Kari Me in front of the mirror for the first few times.


Is the Baby Carrier Safe? | Kari Me Baby Carriers

Kari Me Carriers have been rigorously tested by STR (Specialised Technology Resources, UK) for safety and have successfully met all the requirements according to the EU standard for child carriers safety requirements and test methods. You should always read and follow the safety instructions written in the instruction booklet.


Kari Me - Tying the Baby Sling - Large Persons

You may have tied the baby sling too loose. Please try it on again with the fabric close (but not very tight) to your body. If it's still too short for you please contact our customer care. We will advice you on how you can use the Kari Me sling safely with a variation of the basic knot.


My baby cries when I put him/her in the baby wrap

Your young baby might get tense the first couple of times you put him in the Kari Me. Babies love to be held close to their parents, but might be unfamiliar with the closeness of the Kari Me. Try to rock the baby in the sling (by walking around or rock in place), stroke him and talk to him softly. Most newborn babies like the comfort and the rocking movement and will soon be lulled to sleep. If your baby keeps crying get him out of the sling, and try again another time.


Sizing the Baby Wrap - Kari Me Baby Sling

The Kari Me wrap comes in one size (about 5 metres) so you will be able to use all positions with one sling. It should fit all. If, in the rare event, you find it unsuitable for your size, please call us for advice on a tying method that enables you to use the baby wrap.


Troubleshooting - Baby Wraps from Kari Me

These troubleshooting answers may help with some difficulties you encounter, if your problem persists please call our customer care +44 115 9335566, or email us info@kari-me.com


What if I don't like my Kari-Me?

As much as we are sure that Kari Me is very versatile and comfortable we understand some parents might not find it suitable for their needs. We will accept the product back in a good condition and will refund its full price (excluding delivery). You can send it back to us with your contact details or contact customer care for the return procedure +44 115 9335566 info@kari-me.com


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